Young people face many challenges in Hong Kong society and our Youth ministry has been a major influence in changing the lives of a large number of young people especially from our target South Asian community. Our youth ministry focuses on those of the 17-30 age group. Many in this age group are struggling to make positive life choices, may have addictions, and/or broken family relationship. We build a safe environment for these young people fellowship with their peers and also to improve their self-esteem through caring one-on-one mentoring. We are intentional about making disciples and help the young people to develop leaderships skills whilst learning about God. Our purpose is to equip them so they may go out and make a positive impact on others. 


Men are a key part of the family unit. His decisions have a huge impact on the family, which is why we want to reach out to the dads and husbands of the ladies and children who come to ICM. The challenge is that finding activities that engage the men of the community is not easy. Recently ICM introduced some fun programs to engage the dads of kids already attending ICM programs. We organized a physical fitness workshop, dinner night, hiking and outdoor sports. Our main goal of this ministry is to build a strong and trusting relationship with these men to impart the love of Jesus into them, which then will overflow into the rest of their family. 




 According to analysis presented by the CRDA (Central Registry of Drug Abuse) in 2019, The Nepalese were the highest drug users compare to  the other Ethnic Minority  group in Hong Kong. Our Downtown (areas under the flyovers) ministry is focused on reaching out to those victims who are trapped in such helpless situations. We do consistent visits to provide food and counseling. We encourage them to make positive life choices by joining rehabilitation programs.