"Every child you encounter is a divine appointment"

                                                           -Wess Stafford



 Children are the most vulnerable group in any society particularly when families are faced with poverty, difficult living conditions and high unemployment. Children coming from families who are struggling often have emotional and learning issues which we help them overcome. We provide a safe and affirming environment in which all children are made welcome, especially after school and on Saturdays when they are often left to fend for themselves. Staff and volunteers actively encourage children to come to the centre rather than spend hours in local parks where they are more "at risk". 



 We continually rely on an amazing group of volunteers who are able to work with our children on their languages skills, math, science, and major assignments for secondary students. Our children benefit a great deal from this individual MENTORING and educational help. We believe that by building up a relationship with the children they can actually identify with grown-ups who can really show them some affection.  



 This is our most significant ministry. Through Kid’s Club we are able to connect to the whole family. When the kids come for their program, mothers are also encouraged to stay behind for Bible study and fellowship. Every Saturday we have 45-50 kids between the ages of 3 to 9 coming to Kids Club where they learn Bible stories, songs, games and crafts. Approximately 80% of the kids who attend come from non-Christian families. Our main focus is to engage children and build strong relationships with their family members. We have seen multiple families come accept Christ through this ministry. 



 Language is a huge barrier that our community is facing daily in all aspects of their lives. In order to prevent this for the next generation we are providing Cantonese classes for our kids with the help of some committed volunteers. In this class they not only learn survival Cantonese speaking skills but basic reading and writing skills. We are looking for more enthusiastic volunteers to teach Cantonese to our adults. 



 Every Wednesday and Thursday we run sewing workshops for the ladies in our community. Most of these ladies are moms and comes with their young kids. We have dedicated staff members look after these kids so that their moms can be free to learn and engage in the fellowship that takes place at the same time. We keep these kids busy with movies, Bible stories, songs and fun games. 



 Children from South Asian ethnic minorities in Hong Kong can experience learning problems at school principally because of language difficulty and differences in culture. This is especially true of Nepalese children attending local schools in the Yau Ma Tei area. Inner city Ministries seeks to build lasting relationships with school age children so we can give SUSTAINABLE help to them. This means more than just giving help with homework but teaching them skills in CORE SUBJECTS to help them cope in school and progress. Our children really benefit from the one to one tuition they receive, but more than just this - they receive practical love and care as well as quite firm discipline and a sense of boundaries. There is a wholesome family atmosphere at our centre and the children feel wanted. 



 Every summer we run two weeks of VBS for two different age groups. We want to make sure we are making the effort to engage the kids while they are on summer holiday. During VBS the children will take part in singing songs, playing exciting games, listening to Bible stories, and creative crafts and snacks. Each year our program is full with 60 kids and many on a waiting list wanting to take part in this program. It is always a good time of learning about the goodness of God in all situations of life. Sometimes we are able to have those on the waiting list participate in VBS programs at other churches so that all the children in our community gets an opportunity to have a fun-filled summer.