Inner City Ministries depends on a large body of willing and loyal volunteers to work with staff in running our children, family and youth ministries. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life who want to serve on a regular basis.   


 45-50 kids, Age 3-9 Years (Every Saturday 2-4 pm).  


Two weeks program. 30 kids each week. Age 3-9 years. Every summer between the month of July and September.  


 Age 10-15 years (Every Friday 6-8 pm) 


 Looking for a teacher who has a sewing skills to teach our ladies. (Wed-Thur 2 pm- 4 pm) 


 Cantonese teacher for kids and adults. Translation and interpretation (Cantonese and English) 


 To help after school homework, Math, Chinese etc. 


 To help us to make promo videos, Photography and Website editing 


 Become a champion to help us connect with donors and organisations. 

volunteering in icm


 Hi! My name is Tiffany,

Volunteering at ICM has literally changed my life.  Not only have I made lifelong friends with the staff, co-volunteers and kids that we serve; but most importantly, I’ve met and learnt about my Savior and Father as I serve!  There’s nothing like growing in faith with the kids, who turned into teens and youth, as we walk on this spiritual journey together.  It’s an honor to worship, pray, laugh and cry together at ICM, and it’s a privilege to witness how the Lord has been working in and through each of our lives.  And there’s nowhere like ICM which I call home - a place overflowing with love, joy and good food!


 Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am currently serving with the teens ministry on Friday nights. I have been volunteering at ICM for almost ten years now and can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding opportunities I have been given. It has been a life-giving sanctuary that I can come to for love, laughter and lifelong friendships. You’re always made to feel valued and part of the ICM family and there’s a real sense of joy that comes with seeing the kids’ faces light up when they see you. Seeing real and positive changes in these kids’ lives is something I find really rewarding and it gives me such joy to see them growing closer and closer to our Father. There have been a number of moments where I have felt such pride to be walking alongside each and every one of them and seeing them find joy in spending their Friday nights at ICM. 


 Hi! My name is Charlotte.

I first came to ICM as a volunteer at VBS because I didn’t want to sit at home and do nothing all summer, but this place has since transformed to occupy a very special place in my heart. The kids here are incredibly energetic, fun-loving and it’s just an absolute joy teaching them. I also love coming to Kids Club on Saturdays because it’s the best way to de-stress and get connected with God after a tiring week at school. Apart from relationships that I have with the kids, the volunteer community here is also super welcoming and homely. Our UNO games, worship jam sessions and meals together are some of the fondest memories that I have here. ICM is definitely home for me and I’ll miss it here so much when I head to university.