Due to the small living spaces in Hong Kong, most Nepali teenagers like to hang out outside with their friends. Our teens are especially vulnerable in this neighborhood because of the drugs, triad and prostitution activities that takes place so openly. They can easily fall into bad company as parents are not around to maintain curfews and boundaries. In order to provide a safe alternative environment, ICM runs a program for those 10-17 years old. 

After many years of being in Kid’s Club, kids find themselves growing out of the activities. Therefore, we decided to upgrade them through a simple graduation process and created a teen’s group called 'Kingdom Warriors'. We do teen’s fellowship every Friday night from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm. Weaving different sports and other fun outdoor activities in between Bible studies and life discussions, it gives the varied program that teens enjoy and keeps them engaged. 


In summer we hold a one-week camp called Kingdom Warriors. During this week, teens are transported away from the distractions of the city to spend time learning about making better life choices with the help of Jesus. We help them to recognize their true identity in Christ through fellowship, one-on-one counseling and mentoring. Each week is a rotation of Bible stories, games, songs, dance, movies and outdoor activities.