Hi! My name is Dipak Gurung. I came to Hong Kong in 1995. I got serious injury while working in construction.  I end up staying home and started taking drugs. At that time, I became addicted to video games and cough syrup. I found no hope in my life and became the victim of depression and anxiety. I tried to commit suicide several times. I had become a scum to my family and society. My relationship with my family was getting worse every day. I came to know about ICM through my son and my wife. My son was joining Kid’s Club every Saturday and later on my wife started attending the sewing workshop, they both learn good stuff and heard the Gospel as well. I really didn’t like ICM at first but eventually I started having close relationship with the staff and other community members. One day I was reading bible which was given by the ICM staff to my wife. There I found “There is power in the name of Jesus.” I prayed and threw all my drugs away and asked Jesus for freedom from all my addiction. It didn’t happen right away but slowly I was able to quit all my addictions. I really thank all the staff of ICM for their continuous support, prayer and counselling. Now I am free from all my addictions and have good relationship with my family. We got baptized last year and we have decided to retake our marriage vows in the church in the presence of God. It was really a great witness in front of my relatives and community members. Now my wife and I are serving the community. We want to impart the love of God to others which we’ve received through ICM. 



Hi My name is Dikey Lhamu, and I am from a Buddhist family. When I heard about ICM I thought it was a place where people only talk about religion and force you to change your belief. I eventually learned that I was wrong once I started to go to ICM regularly. At first I came to ICM because my son had joined the Kids Club program every Saturday. Later when I became pregnant with the second baby, I couldn’t work so I joined the sewing class as well. After having my second baby I was able to continue with my sewing classes while the staff of ICM took care of my baby. I was able to keep learning something without being disturbed. I felt so comfortable with the staff in ICM, they felt like my family and I found I could really trust them and even share my secrets with them. I feel very safe in this place and my kids are always excited to go to ICM as well. Their love and caring heart really changed my prospective about God and religion. I received lots of counselling and prayer from the staff which really encouraged me to look after myself and my family.  I came to learn that Christianity is not a religion but it’s all about relationship. Now my mom is also attending Saturday fellowship with other parents. The sewing workshops have equipped me so well that I was able to start a small home business where I can earn some money for the family by making clothes.  



 Hi! My name is Ruth. As some of you may or may not know, I've been in ICM since before I was born. My mom use to come to ICM when I was growing inside of her belly. Even though I have not been able to come as often now due to school and work duties, I know that I am always welcome at ICM, just like the doors of my home are always open to me.

At ICM we would learn about God but also how these Christian values shape our lives in a practical way. For example, some of my friends who I have grown up with have chosen to give up on education and started to work full time but I am deciding to pursue further education by going to college. I may have followed in the same direction but through the guidance and mentorship of the staff at ICM, I didn’t. They have taught me about the choices I have and the positive and negative impacts these choices will have on my future. I am grateful for all the teaching and guidance that I have received over the years. Now I want to become a role model for the next generation. Just as many have invested into my life to help shape me into the young woman I am today, I want to pour back into those who come after me. When I am able, I come to ICM to help with the younger children at VBS and I spent my summer time at Kingdom Warriors with the teens, watching over them, cooking for them and sharing with them about my own experiences.

I have many fond memories of ICM from childhood until now and I look forward to making more memories with my family here at ICM.



 Hi! My name is Anil. I have known about ICM since 1999. During that time I was a drug addict and a triad member. Later I accepted Jesus and became Christian through the program called “ICM boy zone” which was started by ICM to facilitate the drug addicts in Lantau Island. I got baptized in September 2001. But again, I relapsed and went back to my old life and was living a hopeless life under the flyovers (Downtown). Every time when ICM team came to visit Downtown, I use to hide inside and don’t dare to face them. But I would hear them singing and praying for us every time. After 18 years I am back on my feet again. I am clean and am living a new life. Through ICM I recommitted my life to Jesus. I really appreciate and thank God for the tireless and continuous effort of ICM staff to bring me back home to God. Now I want to encourage other brothers and sisters who are going through the same situation by being actively involved in ICM’s entire outreach program.