This ministry is a ministry of particular focus at ICM. It seeks to provide comfort, cheer, and when possible, material assistance to those in need. Community Care Ministry focuses on sharing the love of God through various care programs. This ministry provides regular and seasonal visitation to hospitals, clinic, institutions, immigration officers, prison and private homes in the community.  




 Recently we have started an outreach to the street cleaners in the Yau Tsim Mong area as 80% of them are middle aged Nepali men and women. These are some of the most unnoticed people in our society. Throughout the recent times of political unrest and virus infections they continue to clean our streets and toilets. We have started meeting these people at least once a month to provide homemade Nepali food and surgical face masks.   


  In response to COVID-19, ICM has been actively taking part in providing support and physical assistance to our community. The outbreak of Covid-19 has had a material impact on Hong Kong, especially on vulnerable and marginalized groups in our community. From our recent survey, we found that 40% of the community members have lost their jobs in various sectors. From their very little savings, they are hurting when it comes to covering their rent and groceries. Now we are providing face masks, food and sanitizer. In our next project, we are trying to provide vouchers and coupons to cover their food expenses. If you want to help or you know of any resources, please do let us know.